Short Answer

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 7/8/10 10:00pm

In "Muddying The Waters," the summer editorial board acknowledged last week that sophomore Summer is a perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the student body and the administration. How do you think the relationship stands now, and what do you think students and administrators can do this summer and in the future to foster this relationship?

I think there is a lot of distrust and even animosity between the administration and the student body. The recent decision to disallow swimming at the Ledyard docks is only the latest example of students' displeasure with administrative decisions. The best thing the administration can do to strengthen its relationship with students is to become more honest, open and transparent in their decision-making process.

Peter Blair '12

The relationship between the student body and the administration seems strong, as evidenced by recent events in which student outcry has lead to administrative action. The Student and Presidential Alcohol Harm Reduction Committee, for example, is at least an honest attempt at responsive action from Parkhurst. The student body should continue to come together strongly on issues and work to influence the administration's more minor policies.

Jacob Batchelor '12

The relationship between students and administrators is fine. The backlash against the College's river swimming decision is both unjustified and overblown. If, however, the administration truly wishes to further foster this relationship, it might consider either investing in central air condition for more than just a handful of college buildings, or offer a price break for the Summer term. That, more than anything, would earn brownie points with most students.

Raza Rasheed '12

The administration communicates well with students for major issues, such as sexual assault prevention. But for more mundane problems, such as swimming in the river, College President Jim Yong Kim and his colleagues act with surprisingly little transparency.

Spenser Mestel '11

While the administration and student body should always be looking for new ways to strengthen their relationship, sophomore Summer presents a unique opportunity to nurture this bond. Just as they become the leaders of student organizations this term, sophomores should be responsible for representing the student body during the Summer term. Taking advantage of this dynamic by implementing policies without student input is not only brash on the part of the administration, but it also harms the relationship between students and administrators.

Andrew Clay '12

Since the administration announced the closing of the river this summer, students have expressed anger that there exists a rift between the student body and the administration. In this case, however, I don't think that this issue is necessarily one in which there needs to be student involvement. Rather, the evaluation of the dangers of swimming in the river should be left solely to the administration. Students should understand that the administration discourages this behavior should they choose to continue their activity in the river.

Natalie Colaneri '12

The removal of the docks for this summer severely sets back student-administrator relations. The administration must work to gain back our trust by working with student leaders to find a way to compromise on this issue. If the administration refuses to budge, I fear relations will continue to be antagonistic.

Kevin Niparko '12