Short Answer

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 11/22/09 11:00pm

Kim's decision to streamline the administrative structure at Dartmouth represents a positive step forward in dealing with the financial crisis. A less bureaucratic and more efficient administration is what any college should want, and in the face of major budget cuts, it is what Dartmouth desperately needs.

Jasper Hicks '12

President Kim is taking responsible action in reducing the insidious number of administrators on campus. Parkhurst is riddled with redundant administrative positions the time for consolidation has arrived.

Kevin Niparko '12

The impact of the Kim administration's new changes will not be seen for a length of time. Such restructuring combined with a lack of familiarization with Dartmouth, however, is likely to overlook many unintended consequences. There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase the efficiency of the administration, but the sudden, vast changes being made draw concern for our future.

Julian Sarkar '13

President Kim is doing the right thing by moving quickly and establishing his leadership and decision making early in his presidency. Eliminating redundancy and unnecessary bureaucracy while streamlining the decision making and leadership of our administration is a step in the right direction for Dartmouth, as we seek to save money.

Isaiah Berg '11

Ultimately, the future of this institution is all on President Kim's shoulders, and as such, the only important aspect of the administrative structure is whether or not it works for him and allows him to do his job effectively. To that end, I'm fine with any changes he feels he needs to make in order to uphold his duty to the Dartmouth community.

Raza Rasheed '12

The recent administrative restructuring appears to be a positive step towards reducing administrative overlap and redundancies, while still retaining and rechanneling the skills of valuable administrators such as former vice president of finance and administration Adam Keller. If Kim can continue to make wise and practical decisions about consolidating Dartmouth's bloated administration, Dartmouth will be in a better position both during this economic crisis and in better times to come.

Emily Johnson '12

Kim's decision to move towards a "more streamlined, less redundant" administration is a good one. In these times of budget cuts, every measure must be taken to ensure the utmost efficiency in all areas of the College, including the administration. Hopefully, decisions like these will allow Dartmouth not only to weather our fiscal woes, but also to emerge as a stronger institution.

Jacob Batchelor '12

At Partners in Health, Harvard Medical School and the World Health Organization, President Kim has stressed the importance of evidence-based medicine. Under his guidance, these organizations have not simply stated the need for treating the world's poorest and sickest patients. They have actually done it, proven that change is indeed possible, and demonstrated how others can do the same all while constantly asking how to improve. So you can ask the hundreds of thousands of patients who have benefited from the Kim approach and they'll tell you that we're in good hands here.

Cameron Nutt '11