Editor's Note

by Caitlin Kelly | 11/14/08 4:29am

The Election of 2008 was an epic one. I'm referring, of course, to its length. Here are the words that have been ruined -- maybe permanently -- by politicians and pundits over the past year: maverick, hope, change, hockey mom, lipstick. Images of moose cadavers, bloodying Alaskan soil, have been seared into my brain, along with crowds chanting "Yes we can" in a monotone that would make Leni Reifenstahl proud.

The only good thing about this campaign, in my opinion, were Sasha and Malia Obama. Their stories were gripping -- would the Jonas Brothers show up to the Democratic National Convention? Would the Obama Infomercial run on the Disney Channel, thereby preventing the sisters from watching "Hannah Montana?" Would their dresses match their cardigans on Election Day?

Well, I still have the choice of First Pet to look forward to, and believe me, I refresh CuteOverload.com every 15 minutes. Everyone else is dealing with the election's end in their own way.