How to deal with skunks

by Wendie Howland | 10/30/06 6:00am

To the Editor:

We also share space with skunks around our home, so let me share some wisdom of experience with some who may be more citified ("Skunks make presence known on campus," Oct. 26).

First and foremost, I can promise you that any action which causes a skunk to turn around --- flicking a cigarette butt at it comes to mind -- is not necessarily a smart one. Power does not impress them in the least. Skunks are basically shy animals but intelligent enough to know a lot about the surroundings and its other inhabitants. Don't get your knickers in a twist over these mellow little wild animals. All parties -- students, campus dogs, and skunks alike -- are best served by a general laissez-faire attitude. Skunks know this already; they will ignore you if you ignore them. Take your cue from that.