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May 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

On The Sidewalk: All in the name of fashion

As I gaze out onto the expanse of Dartmouth students all identically dressed in their uniforms of a parka, a hat, a backpack, I realize that the only thing that can potentially set apart one student from another is the type of pants they choose to adorn themselves with because that is the only thing that can truly be seen peeking out from under their coats. What you'll see generally, however, is jeans as the pants of choice. Jeans are like comfort food. We wear them because they are easily-accessible, they look good enough, and they make us happy. But don't you get it, that's why EVERYONE wears jeans. Jeans are a vehicle of repressing our individuality and we need to shed these chains that we ourselves limit our fashion sense with and debut perhaps a pair of -GASP-colored cords or, even better, maybe a skirt!! While yes, our butts do look unbeatably good in a pair of well-fitted jeans, doesn't it bother us that we end up looking like everybody else? So let's take inspiration from these heroic few who take the risk of wearing a pair of pants that may not do their butts justice -- all in the name of fashion.