Rice Would Dwarf the Competition

by Crystal Dueker | 10/12/05 5:00am

To the Editor:

Regarding the Oct. 10 article about any possible change to the "first-in-the-nation" primary by Stuart Reid '08 ("NH already anticipating flurry of 2008 presidential primary"), it is important to remind your readers that a political action committee named americansforrice.com purchased a $4,000 TV ad on WMUR ABC on Sept. 27 for the premiere of "Commander in Chief."

There was also a major radio ad buy promoting viewership of the ABC program about the first female president. As the national co-chair of a volunteer group promoting a real woman as our next Republican president, the blend of art imitating life attracted our money to advertise on the new ABC show.

Perhaps Linda Fowler should consider that if Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she would be running in 2008 that the media and the Democrats would complain how she was using her appointed office for political purposes instead of doing her job at head of diplomacy.

Fowler also needs to admit that few of the over 20 politicians who are flying and driving across the nation admit they are running in 2008.

With 98 percent name recognition and with 60 percent job approval, if Madam Secretary Rice declares she will accept the call from the people to run, it is my opinion that the 2008 Republican contenders will drop off to the top four or five out of 15 being named by the media today.

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