Men's heavyweight crew wins Packard Cup at Syracuse

by Kyle Jazwa | 5/10/05 5:00am

With the Big Green's oldest continuous race up for contention on Sunday afternoon, the Dartmouth men's heavyweight crew team traveled to Syracuse, N.Y., with the hopes of capturing the Packard Cup. With a time of 6:16.7, Dartmouth's varsity eight bested the Syracuse Orangemen, whose time of 6:26.7 proved too weak. This win enabled Dartmouth to surpass the .500 mark for the season and to arrive at a 5-4 record.

After the first 35 strokes, the Big Green took a quick five-seat lead up on Syracuse. By the 500 meter mark, this lead increased to eight seats. This marked the final nail in the Orangemen's coffin as Dartmouth cruised into the open water, seizing an impressive and easy victory.

Despite the easy varsity eight victory, Dartmouth had a far more difficult time in its junior varsity and freshman eight races. Syracuse inched out the Big Green in the JV race by a mere four seconds. Dartmouth's 6:31.9 proved just shy of Syracuse's 6:27.4

Likewise, the Dartmouth freshman eight fell to the Orangemen. Syracuse jumped to a quick lead that was too strong for the Big Green. Its 6:22.9 bested Dartmouth's 6:31.2 on the cold river.

Choosing to race a combined freshman/varsity four, Dartmouth hoped to break even against Syracuse for the afternoon. With a time of 7:35.4, Dartmouth did just that, posting a time that was good enough to knock off Syracuse. Its time of 7:41.1 was not strong enough to beat the determined and well-trained Dartmouth freshman/varsity four squad.

Having won the Packard Cup every year since 1991, the Big Green was confident that a victory was easily within reach. Established in 1958, this trophy represents a highlight in the Dartmouth schedule every year. Named in honor Dr. Edward Packer of Syracuse's 1904 squad, this race has become a Dartmouth heavyweight tradition.

This victory should provide sufficient momentum for the heavyweight squad as it heads into this weekend's highly anticipated Eastern Sprints. Taking place in Worcester, Mass., on May 15, this race will feature the Dartmouth heavyweight squad that looks to make a splash and seize a victory or two against the staunch competition. After that, the squad looks forward to a scrimmage in Boston, Mass. against Northeastern University. The season will conclude on June 2-4 in Camden, N.J., at the year-ending IRA Regatta. With just three competitions remaining, the season is drawing to a quick close, with Dartmouth consistently improving week after week.