Lighten Up

by Morgan Brown | 4/28/03 5:00am

To the Editor:

In regards to Zachary Goldstein and Lindsey Pryor's comments in the April 24 news story "Blitz war draws fire from network services," I found their remarks rather harshly judgmental. While I agree, the blitzwar did expose some students as being prejudiced and some comments were offensive, I think people on this campus need to grow up and appreciate humor.

Just because we go to an Ivy League school doesn't mean we have to be colorless and boring. Calling the people with enough guts to blitz out to a list of 1,400 people in attempt to be funny "sad for wasting so much time on it" is ridiculous. How much of any of our days are spent productively working for the entire day? And if it really bothered you, just delete the blitzes. I'm sure most of us are on some organization's blitz list where members send countless blitzes not worth reading. Don't waste your own time reading the blitzes. My time was well spent.