An 'Invader' Responds

by Darlene Alexander | 5/9/02 5:00am

To the Editor:

As one of those parents who "invaded" Dartmouth during freshman weekend, I just had to respond to Ryan Tan's "Family-less in Hanover" (The Dartmouth, April 30, 2002). If my presence on campus gave students a reason to "clean their room and use air freshener," I wonder what motivates those nasty habits like clean underwear, brushing your teeth and, heaven forbid, going so far as to use deodorant?

As far as the "long lines, free food and hungry bunnies" go, maybe you should have missed a meal. Or were you there because you just couldn't ignore the word "free?" Take care, those little hungry bunnies are your future generation.

I thoroughly enjoyed Family Weekend. I loved invading the Dartmouth community and upsetting such a quiet and studious atmosphere with excitement and laughter. I loved meeting every single person my daughter introduced me to, for I found each one different and unique. I loved seeing where my money is being invested and, believe me, I can't wait to see the return in dividends. I love my daughter very much and no distance, college or shallow student will keep me from sharing her world.

While you and your friends were so engrossed in criticizing those parents who cared enough about their children to make every effort to visit, if only for a weekend; I can only wonder what parents were saying while you were parentless for the weekend.

Understand, I'm not criticizing those parents who could not attend for whatever the reason. But I do criticize those who, in their self-centered loneliness, refused to share in the happiness of their classmates. I say to those students: the world does not revolve around you. If you think it does, you need to catch a bus farther than Boston next family weekend, because you have big problems!