Greek parties dominate weekend, '05s may be turned away

by Cynthia-Marie O'Brien | 10/19/01 5:00am

When the bonfire is reduced to embers, many students are likely to hit the Greek scene this weekend. On campus, many students look forward to Homecoming for the abundance of lively parties as much as they anticipate the traditional rally-round-the-bonfire festivities.

Several Greek houses are hosting dance parties, though freshmen may find themselves turned away at the door, in accordance with Coed Fraternity Sorority regulations. Freshmen will not be admitted to Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity's dance party this weekend, said social chair Sunil Bhagavath '03 because alcohol will be served.

Students are typically asked to show ID cards prior to being admitted into Greek house social functions. Despite this, freshman often venture to Webster Avenue in search of the social scene.

Katy Flynn-Meketon '05 said she's had "a little" trouble attending fraternity parties so far this term. She conceded that it may be more difficult to attend parties this weekend, but is fairly confident that she will be admitted to Greek celebrations.

Alexander Dinn '05 said it has been hard for him to get into Greek parties this term. He expects this weekend, which draws numerous partygoers, will be no different. "I'll just go up to the door and if they say no, I'll say, have a nice day," Dinn said.

Other freshmen echoed Dinn's struggles.

Kristine Charbonneau '05 said she and her friends have been turned away at the door repeatedly. "We just give up and go back to the dorm," she commented, "We don't try anymore, its not fun to stand around and wait."

While Greek parties that serve alcohol may be restricted to upperclassmen, other Greek events are open to the campus. Sheba will perform tonight at Tri-Kap.

Sheba is one of the College's dance groups, performing choreographed routines with a hip-hop flair.

A step show sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity will take place tommorow evening in Alumni Gymnasium.

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will put on OctoberFest 2001, featuring DJ Twix and some "fine American brew," tomorrow evening.

Sigma Nu fraternity will be hosting their traditional Early 80's dance party tomorrow night. Students frequenting this party mix and match their wardrobes to create outrageous ensembles harkening back to fashion of the 1980s for this event, which features plenty of Madonna and other music staples of the era.

Sigma Nu social chair Michael Acovio '02 said that it was under debate whether '05s would be admitted, because the fraternity didn't know whether or not the policy of banning '05s from parties was a College rule or a CFSC rule. Sigma Nu seceded from the now-defunct CFSC last year.

Many '05s who spoke to The Dartmouth said they had not thought about going to Greek house parties this weekend, and didn't have alternative plans.

Some Greek houses have planned to offer non-alcoholic events. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity social chair Peter Schmidt '02 described Homecoming as a designated non-alcoholic programming weekend for his fraternity.

SAE and Delta Delta Delta sorority are co-sponsoring a movie night tonight at the Tri-Delt house.

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