Rowers race at Princeton Chase

by Austin Zalkin | 10/31/00 6:00am

The Dartmouth lightweight men's crew team sent 20 rowers to Princeton on Sunday to race in Eights and Fours. The best Fours finish for the Big Green in the Princeton Chase was second behind Yale.

One of the two Eight boats finished third behind Columbia and Yale. The other finished 13th.

"The weather was gale-force winds," said team Captain Ben Cotting '01, who only raced Eights due to a sick teammate in his Four boat. "The water was just terrible."

Cotting said that the third place finish in Eights was by far that boat's worst race all year.

"For the Eights, basically we had pretty bad races," he said. "That we could have a bad race and do so well is a good sign."

The boat still beat Princeton and Rutgers.

With the second best Four boat out of commission, the number three vote put in a strong top-six finish.

"We could have had three Fours in the top seven or eight," Cotting said.

The women's crew team also competed at the Chase, with the best Four boat finishing fifth and the number two Four boat coming in 11th place.

The Eights boats finished in 21st and 28th places.

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