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May 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
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IFC to discuss new rush option

The Inter-Fraternity Council plans to discuss the proposition of accommodating the 40 or more men who were not offered any bids into fraternity houses that may want more members, according to IFC President Hondo Sen '00.

Preliminary numbers released yesterday by the IFC suggested that out of the approximately 350 people who rushed, 311 were offered bids.

"We are looking at maybe 40 guys who have not gotten bids," Sen said. "Tomorrow, we plan to start working on a list of names of the people who were not offered bids and show them to the houses who didn't get a lot of members."

However, Sen said the IFC did not have any concrete plans and the outcome of the proposal was dependant entirely upon the houses.

"We're not going to force the houses to do anything, but if anyone wants to talk, I hope they'll do so soon," Sen said.

Sigma Nu, who reported on Friday that they have eight new members, Phi Delta Alpha with 11 new members and Bones Gate, who is reported to have fewer than five new members, are all below their fall rush numbers from last year.

"We realize that there are some houses that are in a difficult situation," Sen said. "What happens now is really their call, but I'd really like to help them."

But not all houses were enthusiastic about the idea of another round of the rush process.

Alpha Chi Alpha, which usually aims for 18 to 20 new members each year, had 15 students who sunk their bids this fall.

"I think a lot of people would be resistant to letting new guys in at this point, especially if they haven't rushed at our houses," said Alpha Chi president Sebastian Barreveld '00.

Barreveld said that he was satisfied with the numbers this year.

"We had four more pledges than last year, and we'll probably get another two or three during the winter rush," he said.

Representatives from Sigma Nu, Bones Gate and Phi Delt were unavailable for comment yesterday.

One problems that many of the houses with fewer members face is financially supporting the house.

"It may be difficult for houses to maintain the physical plant," said Sen. "If you're filling the house, then there isn't a problem at all, but if you don't have enough members, then it is a concern."

Sen said that he had not talked to any fraternity presidents specifically about accommodating the men who were not offered bids.

"No one has approached me yet. The IFC is just trying to offer houses some assistance if they need it," Sen said.

Sen also indicated that other factors could have influenced the fact that not everyone got bids, and that some houses received fewer members than they had anticipated.

"We also have to look at the system. Maybe it could be that a lot of the guys didn't rush enough houses," Sen said.

If the houses do decide on a second round, Sen predicted that it will be quite different from the usual process.

"Another night of rush is not a viable option," he said. "Most probably, if there is a rush, it will be done individually by the houses, and will be a more private, invitation-only rush. Its not going to be guys going to four houses again."