Siblings learn to enjoy Dartmouth experience together

by Dara Lee | 10/13/98 5:00am

By Dara Lee

If you ever pass someone while walking across the Green or rushing off to your next class who bears a striking resemblance to a friend, you shouldn't be surprised -- there are a fair number of siblings on campus, with an influx of a couple more among the '02s.

Rex Morey '99 doesn't seem to mind that one of the freshmen is actually his younger sister, Jessica.

"It is really exciting to have my sister here at Dartmouth with me and see her around campus," Rex said.

The two eat lunch and dinner together occasionally. Rex introduced Jessica to his friends, and they sometimes hang out together on the weekends.

Both Moreys also play rugby, but they have different academic interests and their own space.

Jessica said she applied to Dartmouth for other reasons aside from attending the same school as her brother, but his enthusiasm for the school certainly influenced her decision to come here.

The two did not attend the same high school, but Jessica said their relationship has grown stronger now that they go to the same school.

Sisterhood and team players

Jane Serene '01 and her sister Louisa '00 are now sorority sisters too. Jane joined Louisa at Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority this term.

Although they are now in the same Greek house, Louisa said the campus is still large enough for both of them to lead their individual lives. For example, Louisa is a French and government major, while Jane is pre-med and plans to be an English major.

Although other students do not often confuse one for the other, Jane said they have the same mannerisms and expressions.

Louisa said it is nice to know she has someone to depend on at the College. When she was ill last year, Jane helped take care of her.

Before coming to the College, Louisa attended a boarding school and Jane went to a local high school, so the sisters did not spend much time together. Jane said their time on campus together has made them closer.

Louisa and Jane visited the campus with their family before either of them entered college. Jane decided to apply to Dartmouth before Louisa, so Louisa said she does not think she had any influence over Jane's decision.

Sisters Kristin Heist '99 and Katie Heist '01 are both on the crew team and have often been mistaken for each other.

Katie said they have several mutual friends from the crew team, but academically, they have different interests. Kristin is a studio art and engineering double major while Katie is a pre-med biology major.

Katie said she loved Dartmouth when she came with her sister for a campus visit, and she would have applied here even if her sister were not here. But, she said, the fact that Kristin is at Dartmouth made her want to come here even more.

Alike and different

Liz Castellani '99 said her sister Anne '02 came with her to visit Dartmouth when Liz was a prospective, and she liked it so much that she decided to apply even before Liz decided to enroll here.

Liz said one of the perks of attending the same school as her sister is their vacations will coincide, especially because of Dartmouth's year-round program.

The two are quite alike, Liz said. "We're both outgoing, we like to have fun and we're both slightly hyper." Liz said most people can tell they are related, and people often ask Anne if she has a sister that is a senior.

Anne said she enjoys walking around campus and bumping into Liz.

The two have become closer, Anne said, because there is now another bond between them -- enjoying their Dartmouth education together.

Liz said she feels particularly comforted knowing her sister will be there for her if she needs her.

Anne said when they were younger, their interests were different, but now they are more similar -- Anne thinks she might become an English major like her sister.

Liz said she and Anne have lunch together sometimes, and occasionally Anne hangs out with Liz and her friends on weekends.

But Liz said she found her own freshman year wonderful, so she does not want to interfere with Anne's year too much.

Amanda Meigher '02 summed up her feelings about also attending the same school as her sister, Elizabeth Meigher '99: "I love it, absolutely love it."

The two of them went to the same preschool, same elementary school and same boarding school, but they always led different lives.

Elizabeth said having her sister here has been fantastic, and since the lives of a senior and a freshman are completely different, the situation has worked out really well.

Amanda emphasized that she did not come to Dartmouth to follow her sister, but that each one of them came to Dartmouth for her own reasons.

The sisters do not hang out with the same friends, but Amanda often sees Elizabeth around campus. Amanda asks Elizabeth for help and advice, and considers their relationship like a best friendship.

Amanda went to New York City last week for a dentist appointment, and when Elizabeth went to pick her up, she expressed how much she had missed her although they had only been apart for 24 hours.

The Meigher sisters have different academic interests. Elizabeth is an English major while her sister is more interested in psychology and philosophy.