Sigma Nu fraternity house is vandalized

by Brad Russo | 5/11/98 5:00am

According to members of Sigma Nu fraternity, a vandal or group of vandals illegally entered the fraternity house and spray-painted offensive words on the basement walls early Thursday morning.

Sigma Nu president Evan Koch '99 told The Dartmouth the word "rage" on the west basement wall was turned into "rape" and the words "cock" and "cum" were painted by the trespassers in "giant letters" with silver spray paint on the south wall.

Fraternity member Adam Clayton '00 said the existing word "die" was also changed to "diet." He and Koch both said nothing else in the house was removed or vandalized.

Clayton psaid he discovered the vandalism on Thursday at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Koch said the brothers do not have any suspects in mind.

"To us, the pieces just don't fit together," he said. "It doesn't make sense."

Safety and Security Sergeant Mark Lancaster said the incident is under investigation and Safety and Security has no suspects.

Koch said he was not sure if the events last week at Sigma Nu are connected to incidents involving fraternities and graffiti last year, which implied sexual misconduct within the Greek System.

"You can see certain similarities, but ... it isn't obvious," he said.

Koch said these events differ from past vandalism incidents because the acts occurred inside the fraternity house.

"They've stepped way over the line -- breaking and entering and vandalism ... there's no place for that on a college campus," Koch said.

Coed Fraternity and Sorority Council President John Muckle '99 said he was unsure what the vandal's message was, but said events like these are not good for fraternities.

"They certainly reflect negative images of the Greek system," Muckle said. "It's a breach of privacy, just like if someone broke into a dormitory room."

Muckle said the CFSC will not officially respond to the vandalism unless the attacks become more widespread.

Clayton said he was unsure how the perpetrators entered the house but suspects it was through an open window.

He said all the basement windows and all the doors were locked at the time, but other windows could have been open.

One year ago, an anonymous group posted flyers in dormitory halls and wrote chalk messages on sidewalks accusing fraternities of harboring rapists and using offensive language.

In a separate incident last Spring term, the words "We are watching" were written in chalk on the porch of a fraternity as well as many other places around campus.

Last term, an anonymous group sent flyers through Hinman mail to every freshman female criticizing behavior at fraternity parties.

The flyers included a "schedule of events" which implied that sexual assault occurs every night at the College.