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April 15, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

The Dartmouth names new editors

Erin Loback '99, a 20-year-old psychology major from Paradise Valley, Ariz., will become the ninth woman to preside over The Dartmouth next year, the current editors announced Friday.

Loback and 13 other senior editors will take control of the daily student newspaper for one year beginning on Jan. 1, 1998. The editors will oversee a staff of 100 and a $300,000 per-year business.

Each fall, the Senior Directorate is chosen by the outgoing editors. The Dartmouth's President Jeffrey Beyer '98 announced the new editors at The Dartmouth's annual Changeover ceremony at Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society on Friday evening.

As President, Loback will be responsible for both the news and business sides of the newspaper. She also will serve as Chairman of the Board of Proprietors of The Dartmouth, Inc., the student-run corporation that owns the newspaper.

"I'm very excited," said Loback, who is currently on a Foreign Study Program in Madrid, Spain. "I've been reading The D cover to cover."

Loback said she hopes to expand and improve the arts and entertainment section of the newspaper, the way the previous directorate expanded the sports section. The 1998 Directorate was the first to publish a four-page "Sports Extra" pullout each Monday.

Erik Tanouye '99, an English major, will replace Charles Davant '98 as Managing Editor and vice-chairman of the Board of Proprietors. As Managing Editor, Tanouye will be the newspaper's chief operating officer, responsible for the day-to-day news operations of the The Dartmouth.

Jonathan Lee '99, a 19-year-old History major, will replace Yuri Feldman '98 as Business Manager. Lee will be the newspaper's chief financial officer, responsible for the advertising, circulation and long-term financial planning. Lee previously served the newspaper for two terms as Sports Editor.

The new Assistant Managing Editor will be Jess Jacob '99. Jeffrey Giuffrida '98, Robert Isaacs '99 and Karen Rose '98 have all worked as assistant managing editor in the past year. In addition to assisting Tanouye in day-to-day news operations, Jacob will be responsible for overseeing the photography department. The current Photo Editor of The Dartmouth is Thomas A. Arnold '98.

Jean Blackerby '99 will replace Rachel Gilliar '98 as Editorials Editor. The editorials editor, in addition to being responsible for the Comment page, also determines the newspaper's editorial policy in consulation with the president.

Elysa Jacobs '99 will be the next Associate Editor of The Dartmouth, replacing David Pichler '98. She will be in charge of the visual concept and daily layout of the newspaper.

Erika Patrick '99 will be editor of The Weekend Gazette, the weekly pullout on special featured topics that appears in The Dartmouth each Friday. Patrick replaces Sebastain Barreveld '00, who served as Gazette Editor this term. James M. Hunnicutt '98 also was Gazette Editor of the 1998 Directorate for two terms.

Kevin Demoff '99 will remain Sports Editor, but will be on a leave term in New York City next term. Louis Scerra '01 will fill the Sports Editor role during Demoff's absence in the winter.

The new Arts and Entertainment Editor will be Matt Frucci '00, replacing Micheal A. Posey '98.

Lillie Ng '99 will become the editor of The Dartmouth's World and Nation page, replacing current editor Jake Molland '98. Charlotte Bednar '99 will be the World and Nation editor next term while Ng is on a leave term.

Ng will retire as the editor of TheDartmouth.Com, the weekly internet edition of The Dartmouth. Wilhelm Paukert '99, who was the on-line editor during Summer term, will again be in charge of the newspaper's World Wide Web site.

Isaacs and David Kung '99 will become senior editors. Senior editors help manage the news department with editing and layout contributions.

In addition, at the Changeover ceremony, Jake Elberg '00, Sarah Gerry '00, Maura Henninger '00, Lee Koh '00, Joe Scott '00, Ed Thomas '00, Nicole Tsong '99 and Katie Uhre '00 were promoted to the position of news editor. News editors are responsible for copy editing and writing and editing news stories. All of them previously served as staff writers.

Beyer has presided over the newspaper during the controversy over the proposed mandatory $800 Dartmouth Dining Services meal plan, the death of Chemistry Professor Karen Wetterhahn, the announcement of College President James Freedman's resignation and, most recently, the debate over the proposal for the new $50-million Berry Library.

Beyer said the new Directorate is "a talented group," and he expressed confidence in their potential. He said he felt confident leaving the newspaper "in such capable hands."