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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Seniors ready to move on, but will miss College friends

For most students, the Dartmouth experience began four years ago with Dartmouth Outing Club trips, and almost nothing promotes bonding like a week in the wilderness. That sense of camaraderie earned by hundredsof graduating seniors is what many will miss most.

Many seniors said despite loving their time at the College, they are more than ready to proceed to the next portion of their lives. Amy Coehlo '97 said she is "ready to move on," particularly because she not only spent her college years in the Hanover area, but high school as well.

Dave Stefanowitz '97 said he also is "fairly ready to move on." He added that despite being ready to leave "there is always a touch of sadness" when leaving a place where he has spent so much time.

Whether or not students will miss the sight of Baker Tower or Dartmouth Hall is a secondary concern to most graduating seniors. Friendships, some formed years ago and some more recently, are the most important legacy with which seniors leave the College.

Stefanowitz said he thinks he will miss some of the friendships he has made on campus.

Katherine Taylor '97 said "the people are what I will miss."

She explained that at Dartmouth, the whole world is at your fingertips and that friends -- her "little family at Dartmouth" -- are "only a click away."

Jill Marple '97, who will be attending Dartmouth Medical School next year, said she is "most concerned with not seeing my friends" rather than missing the campus itself.

Marple said her "friends, without a doubt" were the most important part of her time at the College. Playing a team sport, she said, and making close friendships with her teammates was "the center of my life at the College."

Although Dorcia Tucker '97 said that her time at the College "was great while it lasted" she is ready to move on and is planning on making it a point to "keep in touch" with her friends after graduation.

Unlike many other students, Georgia Reid '97 said she is "not looking forward to graduation at all," although she thought she would be.

Reid said she thinks it is going to be very difficult leaving Dartmouth after four years. She said while she is very excited about "starting a new life in a completely different world" she will miss her friends and the campus itself, particularly knowing or recognizing most people at the College.

"It is a very sheltered environment," she said.

Plans for after graduation are also a major concern for graduating seniors right now.

Shannon Beckering '97 said he is sad to be leaving the College he "has no idea what I am doing next year" and called that "kind of scary, but exciting" at the same time.

Stefanowitz said he has a job arranged for himself after graduation and is "partially excited -- partially apprehensive" about leaving the place where he has made such strong friendships over the past four years.