Fraternity rush numbers released

by Maura Henninger | 10/17/96 5:00am

Fall rush provided the fraternity system with 29 more new members than last year, but pledge class sizes varied widely among the houses.

According to numbers the Interfraternity Council released yesterday, 229 men joined houses this fall compared to last fall's 200.

"All in all, I think we accomplished our goal as the IFC to increase the numbers of people who participated in the fraternity rush process," said Mike Armstrong '97, president of the Interfraternity Council.

He said he thought "the distribution of the IFC Rush booklet and IFC helped increase awareness."

But the size of the pledge classes of the 14 houses that held formal rush this term ranged from 31 to four .

Alpha Delta and Chi Heorot fraternities each had 31 men sink bids. At Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, 30 men sank bids. Chi Gamma Epsilon and Theta Delta Chi fraternities gained 23 new members.

Four houses have fall pledge classes that number in the teens. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity had 18 men sink bids and Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity had 16. Zeta Psi fraternity had 15 accept bids and Psi Upsilon fraternity had 14.

Five houses have single-digit pledge classes. Sigma Nu fraternity gained eight members, Gamma Delta Chi fraternity gained six, Bones Gate and Phi Delta Alpha fraternities gained five and Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity gained four.

AD President Jeff Woods '97 was pleased with his house's turnout.

"We definitely had a good year with numbers," he said. "That allowed us to be selective."

He said AD aims for a pledge class of about 30.

"We like to have around 30 because more than that is hard to handle," Woods said. "On the other hand, we try to avoid too big a class in order to avoid factions among the brothers."

Woods wrote in an e-mail message that having more than 20 new pledges helps "to sustain the brotherhood and meet financial demands."

He wrote that at least 18 people must live in the house each term, and "A small class means more pressure to fill the house and less social activities."

Heorot President Adam Nelson '97 said his house is excited about this year's pledge class.

"We weren't expecting the numbers we got and were surprised when it came down to 31," she said. "We were disappointed last year, but pleased with how we did this year."

Sig Ep Rush Chair Scott Rowekamp '97 attributed his house's large gain in membership to a "gradual improvement in the house."

Rowekamp said Sig Ep emphasizes the positive aspects of fraternity life through community service.

Eric Newton '97, president of Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity said he was pleased with this year's class, characterizing it as a "big jump" from last year's pledge class of 14.

Juan Alban '97, Zete president , was pleased with his house's results.

"I thought rush was excellent for us this year," he said. "We're very exited about the guys that chose Zete this year."

While his house's numbers declined in comparison to last year, Psi U President Matt Carluzzo '97 said, he is still pleased with the class. Psi U had seven fewer men sink bids this year.

"Our numbers definitely went down, but on the whole I feel pretty good about it," Carluzzo said.

Sigma Nu president, Brian Hickey '97 emphasized the quality of this year's smaller class.

"We are pleased with the quality of the guys and are excited about the rest of the year."

Members of Alpha Chi, Tri-Kap, Phi Delt, SAE and Theta Delt could not be reached for comment.

Beta Theta Pi fraternity is currently suspended and was prohibited from engaging in formal rush tuntil at least Nov. 26.

Beta was suspended for its involvement in an incident which occurred on June 26 when a Beta brother physically assaulted a member of Sigma Nu fraternity on Tabard's front lawn and verbally attacked a member of the Tabard.

Beta president Tom Macejko '97 could not be reached for comment.

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