Maura Henninger


Animal House: truth or fiction? Chris Miller '63, creator of the classic film, shares experiences

For Chris Miller '63, creator of the movie "Animal House," Green Key was the best weekend of the year. "It always happened after the hard cold muddy months, when everything was fresh and beautiful," Miller said last year in a telephone conversation from his home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. "We would just fling open the doors and have a hell of a weekend," he said. "Animal House," which became the highest grossing comedy of its time, was inspired by Miller's own Green Key experiences as a brother in Alpha Delta fraternity. In those days, AD was generally considered to have the best, most debaucherous parties.

Speaker to be selectted for Commencement

With Commencement just a term away, the administration is in the process of selecting a speaker for an important year, the 25th anniversary of coeducation at the College and James Freedman's final year as College president. According to Women Resource Center Director Giavanna Munafo, the Council on Honorary Degrees, of which she is a member, has put together a group of 12 women the members hope Freedman and the Board of Trustees will consider. "I think it would be appropriate to have a woman, as do the rest of the people on the committee," Munafo said. Each fall, the committee solicits nominations from the entire College community for all honorary degree recipients.

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