New program introduced on WDCR

by Michael A> Posey | 7/3/96 5:00am

As if there were not enough entertainment news to go around, 1340 WDCR the AM college radio station has begun a new program titled "Entertainment Blitz" designed to bring the world of arts and entertainment to busy students' lives.

Initiated last term, the program is the brainchild of the Dartmouth Nightly News Service.

"It is our own little version of Entertainment Tonight," said Heather Charles '98, co-anchor of the Entertainment Blitz program.

Recruited for the position this term, Charles was approached for the position by the DNN director and the show's co-anchor Teddy Huang '98.

Although in its initial stages, Entertainment Blitz promises to deliver a program filled with music and film reviews, ticket give-aways from the Hopkins Center and Nugget Theatre and WDCR disc jockey profiles and spotlights.

"Entertainment Blitz will serve as a counterpoint to DNN which is all talk," Charles said.

Hoping to vary the show's format from show to show to keep the programming fresh and inventive, Charles assures listerners that Entertainment Blitz is here to stay.

"I think we will definitely have [Entertainment Blitz] for next term," Charles said.

There have been so many people this term which have shown interest in the show. And with so many people vying to to get involved in the entertainment business, I think Entertainment Blitz can serve as a resource for them, Charles said.

"It's also lots of fun," she added.

A multi-faceted program which will glean news from sources within the entertainment industry, Entertainment Blitz hopes to add a gossip and/or a quotes segment to the show in the future.

"It is a program for people of all interests," Charles said.

Charles said "she is very happy with the quality and progression of the program."

The first program "turned out really well and I'm very excited about future shows," she said.

Charles said the show came about because DNN members wanted to have something that pertained to entertainment specifically.

"Entertainment Blitz is a great creative outlet," Charles said.

Charles also invites all students to become involved.

"Although we have a staff of people reviewing articles and compact discs, we could always use people with good creative writing skills and strong radio voices," Charles said.

Students can tune in to Entertainment Blitz on Tuesdays and Thursday from 5:30-6 p.m.

Entertainment Blitz's run on the WDCR begins this week.

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