Moore's Stand on Sexism Right

by Nathan Saunders | 11/23/94 6:00am

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Danielle Moore '95's decision to take a stance regarding sexism in the Student Assembly.

I admire her courage in acting on her conscience and enduring the backlash that occurs whenever a woman attempts to fight sexism rather than ignore it, naively hoping it will go away on its own.

To those who have criticized her decision or rejected her claims of sexism in the Assembly - open your eyes.

Pay attention to how women are treated on this campus, and in our society in general, before you rush to condemn a woman who has the sense of self-worth to remove herself from an oppressive environment.

Take women's complaints of sexism seriously. Having lived with sexism their entire lives, they know how to recognize it. Be on guard for sexist language from your friends - and protest if they use it. Take Women's Studies 10, which should be a mandatory course on this campus.

Finally, everyone needs to recognize that fighting sexism is not solely the responsibility of women. It could even be argued that it is not at all the responsibility of women.

Fighting sexism is the responsibility of the men who perpetuate it and benefit from it. It is men who need to change, and men who should take the responsibility to inform other men when their behavior creates an oppressive atmosphere. Only if men open their eyes and take responsibility for the sexism in our society will women ever be regarded with the respect they deserve.

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