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March 3, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Take direct action

Today the Student Assembly is conducting a poll to gauge student sentiment on whether single-sex Greek organizations should remain on campus.

The poll is not constructive, because the question is weighted in a way that ignores the grey areas of a complex issue, seeking instead an artificial determination of black or white. The "yes" and "no" response muffles students' voices and locks them out of the process of retooling Dartmouth's social structure.

It's important that students show they are interested in the future of Dartmouth's social system. So instead of voting in today's poll, send a BlitzMail message to the Student Assembly and tell them what you think about the Greek system's future.

And if you want the College's Board of Trustees to hear what you have to say, send a carbon copy to The Dartmouth. We'll print the letters and hand them directly to the Trustees at breakfast on Saturday morning.

To show that you're thinking about Dartmouth's future, take direct action. Send a message to the Assembly and to The Dartmouth, and make sure your voice is heard without the interference of meddling student politicians.