Trending @ Dartmouth

by Emma Moley and Jasmine Sachar | 5/22/14 4:44pm

MEMORIAL DAY FUN:Jk, we have no reading period.

COLLIS CHALK CUBE:Lesson learned: never give Dartmouth students an open forum to provide drinkingsuggestions.

LAST CHANCES:Need a formal date? Didn’t find true love at the Chainsmokers? Blitz any and all ’14s. Rejection doesn’t hurt as much when you’ll never seethem again.

SAYONARA SENIORS:Theses have been turned in (hopefully). Printing credits are a hot commodity. The mysterious senior week is around the corner. The time has come for ’14s to prepare their last goodbyes ­—until Homecoming.

GREEN DROWNING IN FERTILIZER:We find it a little suspicious that buckets of fertilizer magically make the Green green in a few days. But hey, whatever it takes to impress Shonda.

GOODBYE YAMA:This is pretty damn tragic. Hopefully the new management keeps the free lollipops and aggressive birthdaycelebrations.

RUSSELL SAGE CELLAR:Our freshman year, Russell Sage was filled with smelly couches and illicit water pong tables. We’re alittle bitter.