Zak Meghrouni-Brown


Julia Griffin, Hanover's town manager, described Hanover's town meetings as unusually genial.


A Collegial Government

I hustled out of my 2A last week, grabbed a bite at the Hop and made my way to Hanover’s first public budget hearing of the 2015-2016 fiscal year — a typical Thursday.


Grieving for Suicide

Community members who have grappled with the suicides of loved ones said that grieving for suicide is a complex process. For some, the loss affects many facets of their life, including their interactions with their communities, their close ones and their schools.


A Culture of Normed Behavior

The warm hues of the falling leaves and the tolling bells of gleaming Baker tower make me feel like I’m in a blessed enclave of academic inquisitiveness. I’ve just arrived at Dartmouth, and already find myself settling in to a cozy chair in Sanborn, content. But all is not well.