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New Dartmouth sports analytics club discusses sports statistics

Last Monday, Andrew Wolff ’18 and Josh Ufland ’18 led the inaugural meeting of Dartmouth Sports Analytics, a recently-formed club focused on the intersection of sports and statistics. The club was first conceived in the fall of 2015 under the leadership of Richard Shen ’17, who developed an interest in sports analytics after taking a “Sports Analytics” class taught by government professor Michael Herron and College President Phil Hanlon.

Chemistry lab develops 3D-printed smart material

Chemistry professor Chenfeng Ke’s lab, the Ke Functional Materials Group, recently created a 3D-printed smart material that can support up to 15 times its own weight. At the head of the project are Ke and first-year graduate students, Qianming Lin and Hao-yi Wang.

Out of 334 respondents, 49.3 percent said social programming events have a somewhat positive impact on their time at Dartmouth. (Note: Data is in percentages.)

Student survey examines social programming

A survey released to the student body found that social programming events, such as those hosted at the Collis Center, had a positive impact on 61.5 percent of students who responded, whereas 33.6 percent said that the programming had no impact on their lives.

Q&A with Geisel professor Lisa Marsch

Geisel School of Medicine psychiatry professor and director of the Dartmouth Center for Technology and Behavioral Health Lisa Marsch recently testified before Congress’ Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic about her research on the nation’s opioid crisis.

Members of the Class of 2020 participate in bonding activities at the Lodj during First-Year Trips.

2017 Trips directorate announced

Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trips director Doug Phipps ’17 and associate director Apoorva Dixit ’17 announced the 19-member 2017 Trips directorate last Thursday.

Effective altruism group raises awareness

Dartmouth Effective Altruism has a simple premise, says founder James Drain ’17: “Do as much good as possible in the most effective way we can.” Midway through last fall, Drain founded Dartmouth Effective Altruism, a student-led initiative to spread awareness of the emerging philosophy of effective altruism. A social movement and philosophy that has gained popularity in recent years, effective altruism looks to optimize the ways in which individuals improve the world around them.