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Christian Fellowship: 30 students participate in an "All Night Prayer"

An unheard and often forgotten voice on Dartmouth’s campus is that of religious communities. Though many students are involved in various religious organizations, the various fellowships and communities tend to keep to themselves, offering a space for students who want it without having a larger voice on campus. That changed on Friday night, when 30 students journeyed around campus offering passing students prayer.


Bodies, Reimagined

It is no secret that we are not always taught to love our bodies. Bombarded by the images of mass media, from magazine covers to children’s dolls, we often idolize a peculiar notion of beauty that elevates a figure that is slim — but not too slim — above all else.


Can A Liberal Arts College Go Global?

Since John Sloan Dickey’s tenure, Dartmouth has emphasized both the global nature of its programming and coursework as well as the quality of its international students. These efforts certainly make sense. It’s no secret that a modern education demands an understanding of the world beyond the United States’ borders, and it would be foolish not to attempt to attract the very best students, no matter where they happen to be born.


'Telling My Story': Greek Edition

One Psi U. Two Sigma Delts. Two Phi Taus. Two unaffiliated women, one who had de-pledged. One KD. Two Tri-Kaps. And one women’s and gender studies professor. The theme? The Greek system — or rather, breaking down the invisible walls that surround it.


A Not-So-Rude Awakening

Wake-ups are an accepted and beloved tradition on Dartmouth’s campus, and many groups have embraced them as a way to welcome new members into a variety of clubs, including Tucker groups, sports teams, Ski Patrol and a cappella groups.

Handbook clarifies marijuana policy

Though New Hampshire has legalized medical marijuana, use at Dartmouth is still prohibited. The College is constrained by federal regulations that classify any use of the drug as illegal — regulations that if broken could mean a loss of federal funding, including grants and financial aid. As a result, Dick’s House and Student Accessibility Services assist students who have been prescribed the drug to find alternative treatments or off-campus housing.

A year in, Remy steers judicial affairs office

The student handbook now specifies sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence as kinds of sexual misconduct that threaten the well being both of students and the College as a whole. These adjustments to the handbook’s language, announced Monday afternoon in a campus-wide email from interim Dean of the College Inge-Lise Ameer, reflect the judicial affairs office’s yearlong effort to institute a stronger sexual assault policy at the College.


Seniors donate largest-ever class gift

Breaking last year’s record, the 2014 senior class gift campaign raised $34,171.81, Dartmouth College Fund class managing director Jeff Hafner ’02 said. While official donation and participation numbers will be finalized after press time, 59 percent of the Class of 2014 donated to the gift as of Wednesday, surpassing the Class of 2013’s gift total by over $9,000 despite lower participation.

Cube aims to engage campus, many respond with jokes

Over six feet tall, a black-and-red cube sits imposingly between the Collis Center and the Class of 1953 Commons. Large block letters ask students what Dartmouth should do to reduce high-risk drinking, sexual assault and exclusivity. Chalk trays hang off the structure, giving students the opportunity to write suggestions, though many have taken the opportunity to scrawl jokes across its surface.


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