Verbum Ultimum: The Cost of One's Major

. At Dartmouth, we are often sold the idea of the holistic, liberal arts education. The admissions office advertises this ideal, and our professors and deans, among others, tell us from day one of orientation that we should major in something we love. But that is often easier said than done.

Verbum Ultimum: A Head Start to Vote Smart

Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Hanover should be a wake-up call to campus — it’s election season. Students at the College on the Hill are in a position from now until November to get up close and personal with candidates. What’s more, students have the opportunity to pose questions to candidates that could help shape the debate.

The Summer Editorial Board: Summer Term is Still a Term

Four years, twelve terms, thirty six classes, one hundred and twenty weekends and one glorious sophomore summer. That is all the time most Dartmouth students get here. The question is how to make the most of it. The temptation this summer is obvious — take the easier course load and enjoy the summer with your friends. It’s possible to lose sight of the fact that summer term is still a term, one of only 12 we get.

Summer Editorial Board: Advice on Advising

As new Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson spends her first few weeks familiarizing herself with Dartmouth and assessing student needs, we hope she focuses particular attention on reforming the advisory system, which, in its current form, fails to meet the needs of the student body. The College has already indicated that it intends to reform the advising system.