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Dartmouth Dining eliminates DBA rollover

As of this fall, no part of students’ leftover DBA will roll over between terms. In previous years, any remaining balance up to $100 could transfer to the following term, provided that the student would be on campus. Dartmouth Dining director Jon Plodzik said that the decision to discontinue DBA rollover was made largely to allow for greater certainty in budgeting. 

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Group effort locates Mink’s final cub

After a seven-week search, Mink the bear’s final missing cub Lori has been safely brought to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire, where he has reunited with his older brother, Chief, for the first time in almost two months.


COVID-19 brings changes to leaf-peeping season

Peak fall foliage usually attracts hordes of tourists to the Upper Valley, each hoping for a glimpse of the area’s famous multicolored leaves. But despite the return of fall colors, business owners say COVID-19 seems to have discouraged tourists from visiting this year.