Scott Brown


Swim Team Fault

To the Editor: If you want to find fault with the College swim team, blame the admissions office.

Leading By Example

To the Editor: As the former dean of the Tucker Foundation, I was (and am) concerned about increasing the level of tolerance and understanding on campus.

A Mission With a Moral

The mission of Dartmouth College has evolved through the years, as it should. The needs of our country and society have changed, and the College has sought to meet those needs.

Civil Discourse Committee Releases Report

To the Editor: The Committee on Civil Discourse was formed in November 1997 "to keep current in the community discussions and considerations of how we interact with each other through our speech and actions." The Committee has met each month during the past year to review and discuss the state of discourse on campus.

The College Mission

College students throughout the country indicate increasing disaffection and separation from social concerns.

Moral War?

War is rarely, if ever, a moral method for resolving a conflict, but the situation in Kosovo troubles even the most peaceable among us.

Moral Murder?

The conviction for murder of Jack Kevorkian brings into stark relief a major moral issue of our time.

Creating Good Leaders

The results of recent polls reflect a remarkable American ability to separate our personal values from our expectations of leadership.

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