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Always in Need of Orienting

’18s, your mere existence makes me feel old. And with that feeling comes the compulsion to convey something that I, like any old person, will preface by saying that you will only really understand it when you, too, are old. It’s cyclic and ironic — and a little sad, to be honest — but bear with me.


Things You've Always Wondered About Dartmouth

Midterms may have you feeling bogged down in knowledge that you don’t actually need and will likely forget by next Tuesday. Fear not: Here are answers to all the things you really want to know about.



Behind the Register With Kathy McTaggart

Last week, when I introduced myself to Collis employee Kathy McTaggart and asked her if she would be willing to tell me a little about herself, she blushed. She wasn’t sure if she was the right person to do an interview. Luckily for me, another Collis employee overheard our conversation, caught her eye and encouraged her to give me a chance to formally introduce her to campus.



When I selected my college major, I didn’t fully appreciate the dichotomy that often exists between choosing to make a lot of money and choosing to make a difference in the world. I decided on the latter without really understanding that the former would consequently be more difficult. My argument isn’t that finance bankers cannot effect, but you’re kidding yourself if you say that’s why people chose to work on Wall Street.



This is the article that I’ve wanted to write for almost a year. I’ve put it off for so long because I don’t like being controversial for the sake of stirring the pot.



I couldn’t even tell you the number of times my editors cut out the Dartmouth cliches I used in my first Mirror articles during freshman year. References like #facetime, the weather being unbelievably cold and all forms of “so/too real” were akin to profanity. But for me, these were the easy jokes because as a freshman, I understood them. I could even execute them. And it never occurred to me how little insight they conveyed to the upperclassmen that had heard the punch lines thousands of times before I ever stepped on campus.

The Mirror gives you a rundown of your first week of college.

First Week Timeline

Allison Wang / The Dartmouth Senior Staff As the countdown to your first days of college grows nearer, it's only natural to be a little nervous.


Halfway Checkup

Nushy Golriz / The Dartmouth Staff One of my standout memories of Dimensions is sitting on the Green with a bunch of prospies when a group of '11 guys came up to us.

Corporate Creeping

I've learned a bunch of my Facebook friends' middle names this month. Corporate recruiting is heating up, and changing online identities to thwart snoopy potential employers is the new trend.

Editor's Note

Allison Wang / The Dartmouth Staff Based on the activity on my Facebook newsfeed lately, it seems that almost everyone on campus has already done two things a borderline exhausting amount gone to the river and played with a certain fraternity's new, albeit adorable, puppy.