Sara del Nido


No More Sons of Dartmouth

To the Editor: I could not agree more with Elise Waxenberg '08's opinion of what the College should do in response to Dartmouth Beta's return ("Reparations and Recognition," Jan.

Reexamining Our Traditions

"If we can't be self-reflective here, where can we be?" Native American Studies professor Bruce Duthu '80 posed this question to the audience at last Saturday's lecture exploring Dartmouth's historical associations with Native Americans.

How to Alienate People

In the days following the foiled terrorist plots in airports across England, British Muslims have come under renewed scrutiny as a threat to security.

Considering Consent Day

A couple of nights ago, I decided to procrastinate on my homework and call up one of my friends from my hometown.

This Might Be Abrasive, But...

The issue of gender equity in schools is older than the hills. Well, it's pretty old, at least. It therefore didn't surprise me to read the New York Times' recent series on the "gender gap" in higher education.

A Political Microcosm

Last Wednesday, Dartmouth made national news when The New York Times published an article covering the ongoing battle over the proposed alumni constitution.

Demands for action

To the Editor: In his op-ed about the election of Tim Andreadis '07 ("Campaigning and Statistics," April 28), Nicholas Martin '07 seems to forget that people's votes often reflect the issues that they care most about.

Larger Loans, Deeper Debt

For many students entering higher education, along with the excitement of entering a new stage of life comes a sobering reminder of reality: the process of applying for financial aid.

Seeking Security

As college campuses go, Dartmouth is pretty laid-back. Our social lives do not revolve around nightclubs shared with non-Dartmouth residents.

Abramoff the Insider

Yesterday's front page picture of Jack Abramoff in the New York Times depicted a man who could have come straight out of "The Godfather." The grim facial expression, black trench coat, and throwback-to-the-forties fedora are clear illustrations of the prominent Republican lobbyist's famously flamboyant personality. But this particular get-up of Abramoff's is not as much of a fashion faux-pas as it may seem.

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