Sam Lederer



Overhyped Starsailor debut never able to take off

"If you get high on life, don't leave me behind," sings Starsailor front man James Walsh on "Lullaby," a track from the band's debut album, "Love is Here." Unfortunately, James, that is exactly what I would like to do with you and the other three members of your sub-par indie rock quartet: leave you behind, and forget about you. Starsailor has been hyped up for over a year now.


Caine set to perform modern interpretation of Bach

Bridging the gap between two musical genres is a very difficult task. Covering several different genres is something close to amazing. That is exactly what Uri Caine does with "The Goldberg Variations," a Bach"based performance that he will perform tonight in Spaulding Auditorium. Caine's interpretation of the famous piece features a wide variety of musical instruments and themes.


Chemical Bros. have right mix

Surely the Chemical Brothers must have felt slighted until, after spinning discs in some of England's hottest clubs for seven years, they were hailed by critics and recognized by a mainstream audience with 1997's "Dig Your Own Hole." But the sensational British duo, Tom Rolands and Ed Simons, have put all that behind them and playfully ask fans on their fourth studio release to, "Come With Us." Rolands and Simons met each other at the University of Manchester while taking a history class.