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A league of their own: Undergrads head to Brown for fourth annual Ivy Film Festival

It's known for purple hair and blase attitudes towards grading. More recently, however, Brown University has become famous for its annual Ivy Film Festival dedicated to the pursuit of undergraduate filmmaking. This student-run festival began in 2001 by Brown undergraduate students David Peck and Justin Slosky, who wanted to create a venue for the recognition of student filmmakers and for events allowing these burgeoning filmmakers to learn from industry experts.

French editor speaks on anti-Semitism

It's a country famous for croissants, escargot and unabashed pompousness, but more recently France has become more well-known for reports of a huge resurgence of anti-Semitic aggressions plaguing its streets. Nicolas Weill, editor of France's major daily newspaper Le Monde, argued in a speech Wednesday evening that the current wave of anti-Jewish violence is the most recent reflection of deep-seated anti-Semitism passed on from older generations. Weill, who has written myriad books on the subject, addressed the question of whether or not "the current resurgence of anti-Semitism is the indication of a fundamentally new phenomenon." Recent anti-Semitic acts occurring in France "haven't tried anything new" and "stem more from the desire to designate an enemy than from a subtle analysis of what is going on," Weill said. In his opinion, "traditional" anti-Semitism has not disappeared, but just manifests itself differently in younger generations. Weill cited statistics showing that 80 percent of the overall violence in France in 2000 and 62 percent in 2003 were a direct product of anti-Semitism.


La Vie en Manolos: 'Sex and the City' bids farewell

What a long, strange trip it's been. From Manhattan to the Hamptons to Paris and back, our four favorite single and fabulous-exclamation-point ladies have finally gone out with a bang (and I mean that in all senses of the word). Carrie Bradshaw and company have bid farewell to not only their primetime home on HBO, but also to an unforgettable era of television history.


Harris offers new thinking on Blier

Murder, intrigue, sexy French women and shocking eroticism are just a few of the things that come to mind when one thinks about French filmmaker Bertrand Blier.

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