Peter Gray


Girls, Pong and Equality

On Wednesday nights, there is a social twilight when Dartmouth's male and female spheres are poised for convergence as meetings come to a close.

I Got Served By Meir Kohn

"This is not Camp Dartmouth and this is the last lecture you'll receive from me," began my introduction to Meir Kohn, the feared grand-master of Economics 26, the introductory finance course at Dartmouth and possibly the best one of my academic career. Kohn's class structure turns the average Dartmouth class experience on its head.

Racism, Laughter and Unity

Is race funny? If you said no, then you have a lot of thinking to do. Many of comedy's greatest moments owe their humor to the social divides of our past.

In Defense of Religion

Religion has a burden to bear these days. Everyone from Zach Hyatt '09 ("The World, Weighed and Measured," Oct.

Super Best Friends

The Djemaa el-Fna, the great square of Marrakesh, is home to some of the strangest sights, sounds and smells in the world.

Inside "The Muslim World"

When I first arrived in Morocco three weeks ago, I was like a very self-aware bull in a china shop.

SA -- Limited and Superficial

As a freshman last year, I joined my peers in placing great significance on whom we should elect as our Student Assembly president.

The Peacemakers

The United States has for more than half a century reaped the benefits and suffered the consequences of being the world's dominant player, peacemaker, and country-tinkerer, and thus the premier symbol of Western power. In recent years, we've engaged in two broad overseas conflicts with the goals of (a) self-protection (be it short or long-term) and (b) general betterment of the country with which we engaged, namely Afghanistan and Iraq.