Paul Marino


Consensus should not overpower the minority

To the Editor: I strongly disagree with both Abraham Clayman and Professor Ronald Edsforth regarding the value of controversy, of inviting, listening to, even respecting, ideas that go harshly against the grain of consensus ("No Place at Dartmouth" and "A Multi-faith Community," Oct.

Berry Library

Hasty construction, gray walls, wasted electronics and crappy sculptures. Such is the hallmark of the Berry Library.

Remember the Maine

There once was a dream that was Maine, but you could only whisper it. That dream has since been realized, as Maine ceded from Massachusetts on March 15, 1820 and became its own state.

Treehouses a Flop?

I am impressed with the tree houses," com- mented '04 Leo Twiggs. "They are cost-efficient and fit in aesthetically with Dartmouth's colonial-style campus." Stop lying. If you haven't noticed, there are five new dorms in the River Cluster.

Dating at Dartmouth

I haven't been on a single date since I got to school," says '04 Leo Twiggs. "I always figured it was because girls find me difficult to approach." I know the feeling.

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