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Kuppa-Apte: VP Candidate Statement

Cirrus Foroughi / The Dartmouth Staff My name is Pallavi Kuppa-Apte, and I am running for student body vice president with my friend, freshman floormate and candidate for student body president, Adrian Ferrari. Here at Dartmouth, I am a member of the Class of 2014 and a government and economics double major.

Wok-style chef pays visit to College

As part of a new program to bring visiting chefs to the College, award-winning chef and self-professed advocate of wok-style cooking Grace Young is spending two days this week sharing her recipes, featured at the Class of 1953 Commons, with staff and students.

Location sought for LGBT house

A preliminary location search for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender affinity house is underway as students and administrators continue to finalize plans for such a house, according to Pam Misener, advisor to LGBT students and the acting director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership. Students have been working with administrators to launch an affinity program focused on the LGBT community that can offer "an experiential education opportunity," Misener said. "I think this house will certainly have the potential to help all students become skilled and practiced in understanding gender identity and the complexity of our experiences, and that can only be a good thing," she said.

Emily Jones '08, whose two-year Peace Corps assignment in Togo ends in November 2012, has worked to improve the local education system.

Jones '08 builds library in rural Togolese village

Courtesy of the Peace Corps / The Dartmouth Staff When Emily Jones '08 first arrived in a Togolese farming community in western Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, she struggled to communicate with others in French many of the local residents had never before encountered her American accent. Approximately one year later, Jones has not only enhanced her language skills, but has also made significant progress toward improving the local education system by helping girls remain in school, constructing a community library and organizing a youth leadership camp. Jones, whose two-year assignment ends in November 2012, is primarily involved in Girls' Education and Empowerment, a division of the Community and Youth Development sector of the Peace Corps.

Daily Debriefing

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services passed a budget plan for the Education Department on Tuesday that maintains Pell Grants but cuts government subsidies on student loan interest, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Two students co-author study abroad book

Courtesy of Dan Hochman Over the course of two years, two Dartmouth seniors Dan Hochman '11 and Mike Lewis '11 coauthored a phrasebook entitled "Can We Swim Here (Naked)?: The College Student's Phrasebook for Having Fun Abroad." The pocketsize guidebook, which became available in Barnes and Noble on May 2, consists of a collection of "funny but functional" phrases translated into French, Italian and Spanish editions, Hochman said. "When you're abroad as a college kid it's the most unbelievable time you're completely free and everyone's looking to do ridiculous stuff," Hochman said.


Art exhibit captures border violence

Samantha Oh / The Dartmouth Staff While drug wars rage in Juarez, Mexico, creating an atmosphere of fear and suffering, graphic designer Sandra Salas depicts the violence as graphic images set on large-display posters as part of an effort to raise awareness and money for victims of the conflict.


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