Nick Lambrecht


MLK Jr. day has controversial past

Today marks the sixteenth national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which celebrates the achievements of the slain civil rights leader and serves as a day of reflection on the history of the civil rights movement as well as the quest to make sure its importance will be remembered in the future. The call for a holiday honoring Rev.

Alumni candidates fare well

On an Election Day, which proved to be hazardous for incumbents, at least four of five Dartmouth alumni seeking reelection have held firm in their Congressional bids. Four seats in the House of Representatives were retained by graduates of the College.

Despite safe bonfire, weekend arrests still up

Continuing the trend of a rising number of reported incidents during Homecoming weekend, the College saw more arrests and alcohol violations this year, following Safety and Security's effort to heighten security in the wake of the Texas A&M bonfire accident last year. "We didn't have any assaults reported at the bonfire or over the weekend, which is a good thing, but the total number of reports were up," College Proctor Robert McEwen said. The number of incidents reported to S&S rose to 66 this year from 50 a year ago.

N.H. governor Shaheen leads tight election race

As the election in November nears, New Hampshire gubernatorial candidates Jeanne Shaheen and Gordon Humphreys continue to spar over the issues of a state income tax and educational funding. Since the last election for governor in the state, the possibility of a need for new state taxes to support local schools has become increasingly likely. While neither candidate is in favor of imposing a state income tax, the Democratic incumbent Shaheen created a state commission to explore the idea.

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