Mia Yocco


A Commendable Leader

To the Editor: I am responding to the May 9 article, "Tucker's Lord Alienates Some Student Leaders." While everyone has some faults, I am glad that the leadership of the Tucker Foundation rests in caring and passionate hands that are willing to put programs into action. I believe that I would not have been involved in community service had Dean of the Tucker Foundation Stuart Lord not reached out to me my sophomore summer on campus. I commend Stuart for his attempt to recruit from places on campus that might be represented in Tucker.

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: In no way, shape or form, did we advise or consent to the recommendation of the ban on outdoor alcohol at Greek houses, as Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman implied in Monday's front-page article in The Dartmouth. As student members on the Greek Life Steering Committee, we did not see a final draft before it was printed, nor was our signature requested on any document to signal our approval of the final draft. In the wake of the recently announced regulations, which many of us strongly oppose, some of us requested that GLSC Chair Cassie Barnhardt remove our names from the document, as we suspected they had been placed there without our permission.