Matthew Berry


Legacies, NO Longer

Admissions decisions should be based on individual merit alone. That simple slogan, while nice in theory, would be quite messy to implement in practice.

The Candidates Speak Out

You've heard their platforms and seen their posters, but what are the candidates really like as human beings?

Odds On Assembly Vote '94

A year ago, Dartmouth students went to the polls a discontented lot. Angered by a ridiculously left wing and anti-Greek, do-nothing Student Assembly, voters "threw the bums out" and elected candidates of the center-right. This year's Assembly proved to be a mixed bag.

Scandal Brewing in the Clintons' Own Kitchen

Washington was shaken last week by the abrupt departure of four White House officials. No, the presidential aides were not fired for attempting to cover-up the growing Whitewater scandal.

Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment

The U.S. Senate will vote this week on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Paul Simon (D-Ill.), would force the federal government to balance its budget on a yearly basis.

A successful Carnival Formal

During the past four years at Dartmouth, much attention has been devoted to the topic of social alternatives.

Should Harding be Allowed to Compete

I can remain silent no longer. In the last two weeks I have avoided the foremost question on the minds of the American people. My opinion regarding the controversy may be somewhat biased.

Diversity for the CDCD

The Committee on Diver-sity and Community at Dartmouth released its final report two weeks ago, "Managing Diversity." The CDCD was appointed by President Freedman in the fall of 1992 to examine the state of racial diversity and community at the College. While such topics are undoubtedly worthy of study, the project was doomed from the start.

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