Margot Bryne


“Seen and Unseen: Picturing Race, Gender and the Enemy in WWI Posters” shows a fraction of the Hood’s collection.


WWI poster show explores the 'unseen'

Despite Baker Library’s notorious bustle, one cannot help but stop and notice the flashy graphics of World War I posters featured in glass cases along the entrance lobby’s walls. Behind the glass pane, a war-torn figure stands defiant amidst the blaze of a flaming battlefield. In another image, a soldier steps over the corpse of a fallen enemy. Above him, two words capture his unbroken will: “Come On!”



Behind the Curtain: Sherman Art Library

Above the fireplace in the Sherman Art Library’s reference room sits a dragon-like emblem of Francis I of France, which displays a salamander, thought to be able to magically survive fire. Visual arts librarian Laura Graveline encourages students to visit Sherman, the College’s art research library, to see the expansive collection for themselves. Sherman houses catalogs from art museums, galleries and image databases. The library also includes the Art Special Collection, which displays collections of artists’ handmade books, facsimiles and other rare items.