Madeline Killen



Through The Looking Glass: Learning How to Remember

Last week, when I learned that Philip Roth had died, I searched my Notes app for the line from “American Pastoral” that I’d copied down last spring: “And since we don’t just forget things because they don’t matter but also forget things because they matter too much ­... each of us remembers and forgets in a pattern whose labyrinthine windings are an identification mark no less distinctive than a fingerprint...” I was sitting on the grass outside of the River apartments on one of those first warm days of spring when being anywhere except in the sun felt like a sin, and I remember reading that line and thinking that it put into words something that I’d always known without knowing.


Upperclassmen shed light on performance group auditions

Whether first-year students have been dreaming of joining the Aires since their first solo in their high school choir, curious about Ujima since the dance showcase or thinking they might just wing it at the Dog Day Players auditions, the start of classes brings with it the first opportunity for first-years to show off their talents to student performance groups at Dartmouth.


Alumna Q&A: Studio Art Intern Darby Raymond-Overstreet ‘16

Darby Raymond-Overstreet ’16 is a studio art intern for the Studio Art Department. As a student, she was awarded the Marcus Heiman-Martin R. Rosenthal ’56 Achievement Award in the Creative Arts in the Arts award category, the Perspectives on Design (POD) award, and the 1960/Office of Residential Life Purchase Award. Now that she has graduated, she wants to continue to build her art portfolio by expanding her current ideas into further bodies of work.


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