Lindsay Keare


Danielle Waite ’17 and Edom Wessenyeleh ’17 show off their fall style.


Buzzed and Confused

It’s often said that Dartmouth has a drinking problem. Yet alcohol is not necessarily always the guilty party.

 Nora Masler/ The Dartmouth


A Song For Every Space

One Wheelock has a mainstream coffee shop vibe (but not like too mainstream, you know?). You might as well be sipping a soy non-fat vanilla cappuccino pumpkin spice latté in a non-Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle watching the rain.

 Stephanie Ng/The Dartmouth Staff


Out of Style

Here, we take a closer look at changes to how students have communicated over the years, what the most facetimey spots have been and how the job market has evolved.


Private? Not for me.

This week, though, in the interest of writing a story on privacy, I decided to get into some of the most guarded spaces on campus — the more intimidating the sign on the door, the better.


Kira Garden showcases sculpture by Upper Valley artists

Several works of art are currently on display in Kira’s Garden, an outdoor sculpture garden at the Alliance for the Visual Arts Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon. “Arabesque” joins nearly a dozen other works of art in the Garden, each of which was submitted by an Upper Valley artist.


Stepping Out of Hanover

When the Dartmouth Bubble starts to get a little small, the Upper Valley offers incredible views and picturesque orchards to explore.


Editor's Note

Watching The Fifty hikers struggle through the night — completely of their own free will and often with little advanced preparation — was the first thing about Dartmouth that really showed me just how much our school and surroundings makes possible.


Gotta Kick It Up

Every four years, a strange phenomenon occurs in which the American public develops a sudden affinity for watching soccer. The results of a single soccer match have sparked city-wide riots in countries around the world?, and despite the significant portion of ’90s kids who have played youth soccer, the passion and appreciation for the sport has never quite caught on in the U.S. For one month every four years, however, millions of Americans act like they’ve been devoted fans of “the beautiful game” for their entire lives, only to forget about it again until the next World Cup.



Erin Clark: 'Club Novack' Devotee

Erin Clark may have one of the most recognizable voices on campus. The lead counter woman at Novack Café, Clark can be heard loud and clear weekday mornings ushering the line along — fast.


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