Lily Fagin


The Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals perform the demandingly existential theatrics of William Shakespeare.

All The School's a Stage

One of the few theater groups on campus, the Rude Mechanicals puts on termly Shakespeare plays

Protesters to face adjudication

Jacob Weiss / The Dartmouth Staff At least four students involved in Real Talk Dartmouth's Dimensions show protest received letters on Tuesday afternoon informing them that they would face adjudication for alledgedly failing to comply with directions from College officials at the event.


Safety groups prepare for weekend

Rebecca Schantz / The Dartmouth Staff In order to accommodate the weekend's heigthened risks, campus health and security organizations will expand their usual efforts, with extra training sessions and increased vigilance.

Daily Debriefing

Princeton University expanded its employee health program to include coverage for gender reassignment surgery starting July 1, The Daily Princetonian reported.

Working Worldwide

On a foreign study program or language study abroad, you attend classes with Dartmouth students, live with Dartmouth students and explore a foreign country with Dartmouth students.

Most students surveyed said the administration's response to the protest and its aftermath was ineffective.

Students said events fostered dialogue

Nook Harquail / The Dartmouth Senior Staff Nook Harquail / The Dartmouth Senior Staff Nook Harquail / The Dartmouth Senior Staff While most of students believe the Dimensions show protesters have valid claims about the current campus climate, they did not agree with the administration's decision to cancel classes yesterday and instead engage students in dialogue about these issues, according to a campus poll by The Dartmouth.

Daily Debriefing

In a letter to the editor published Friday in The Daily Princetonian, a member of Princeton's Class of 1977 and mother of two Princeton students, Susan Patton advised undergraduate women to find husbands before graduating.

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