Leina McDermott



What's in a name?

Leina sets out to find out how much the Dartmouth name matters in students' professional pursuits.

 Alyssa Schmid/ The Dartmouth Staff


Ghosts Galore

“If you’re looking for the best place in Portsmouth to take a bathroom selfie, it is here, at the Music Hall,” Rosie says. Mental note made — I will return for a ghost selfie in near future.

 Kathleen Rao / The Dartmouth Staff


Dying to Dissect

After further investigation, they discovered that Murdock’s body had been stolen and dragged across the snowy cemetery to the main road, where he was likely loaded into a cart and driven away. Less than a week later, two Dartmouth medical students were arrested for robbing Murdock’s grave.

Hanover startups perform well at competition

By utilizing the College’s strong alumni network, creative work environment and focus on supporting innovation, three Hanover-based startups placed as finalists at the “Rise of the Rest” competition, which took place in Manchester last week. Jack O’Toole Tu’14 and chemsitry professor Joe BelBruno won the competition’s $100,000 prize for their startup FreshAir.