Lee Cooper


Frat = Fun

I am glad that fellow Opinion columnist Tom Mandel '11 was able to "find a home" in a Dartmouth fraternity ("Frat Welcome Mat," Oct.

A Fratty Free Market

If you have acquired an aversion to the term "alternative social spaces" over the past few (dozen) weeks, keep reading.


Dartmouth faces an exciting time in its long history, and I hope you will elect me to help guide the student body through the challenges and opportunities before us. There is the College presidential search, an alumni lawsuit, a new Dean of the College and issues of inequality permeating campus dialogues.

AKA an Improvement

The College's decision to permit Alpha Kappa Alpha -- a historically African American sorority -- to return to campus is a wise one, but not for the reasons that were predictably emphasized in Tuesday's article about the reaction to our latest Greek addition ("Students Weigh Social Impact of AKA's Return," Feb.

God Politick

The Buddha was no politician, but he could offer some stability to the flux of this presidential primary season.

I Heart HuckObama

As I write from Asuncion, Paraguay, I should be calculating the probability that there is a "Hooters" restaurant showing the NFL playoffs within a mile of my apartment. Instead, I am attempting to catch up on North American news via the web, kicking myself for forgetting to register at the Town Hall of Hanover as an absentee voter for the presidential primaries -- and I am not even one of those politically obsessed students who has been canvassing my hometown for local campaigns since age nine. This election cycle is destined to be one that students of American history will be citing in midterms and senior theses down the road.

Learning to Use Our Dart-mouths

Since my first-year seminar during my freshman fall, I have often been shocked by the speech and oratory skills of Dartmouth students as a whole.

All the President's Acumen

President Wright gets extraordinary (for lack of a better word) facetime. It seems as though almost every other week, I hear about our president receiving public recognition for his admirable, ongoing work with U.S.

A Few Good Bureaucrats

From regular "chat sessions" about our social lives, to heady discussions on our universe's constant state of flux, to pseudo-debates on political issues, my friends and I have conversations that cover it all.