Lauren Vespoli


The Bucket List

Finding Community in an Unfamiliar Religion I don't usually think about religion. Faith has never been an important aspect of my life, but I guess you could say that I've been extremely fortunate in having relatively few occasions when I needed something outside and bigger than myself to lean on.

The Bucket List

Doing Dartmouth in an Hour or Less The youngest among us might not remember the list that used to go under every freshman's door "101 Things to Do Before You Graduate Dartmouth." It was printed with a picture of Baker Tower and the Cat in the Hat on the background and listed the top, supposedly "unmissable" experiences the College had to offer.


The Bucket List

Calling it "acting" might be a bit of a stretch, as I was on stage for a total of two minutes, but as of last week it can technically be said that I have been involved in a theatrical production at Dartmouth.

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