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Editors' Note: Last Chances 19X

As sophomore summer draws to a close, so do the days of lounging by the river, perusing the farmer’s market, driving to Ice Cream Fore-U and falling asleep in Astro 1.



Hanover sets date for hearing to deliberate new excavation plan

The town of Hanover will hold a formal public hearing on July 23 to deliberate on the College’s request to amend the west end construction site plan after an excavation error halted construction of the new Center for Engineering and Computer Science earlier this month, according to Hanover town manager Julia Griffin.


First-year seminar reflects upon and explores immigrant literature

The first-year seminar ENGL 53.10: “Immigrant Women Writing in America” provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences through film, novels, short stories and poetry. English professor Melissa Zeiger offers the class to all students, but caters the literary content of the first-year seminar toward the goal of helping first-year students establish their skills as writers and find their bearings in their new college environment.


Riyaaz Qawwali to perform tonight

Acclaimed ensemble Riyaaz Qawwali will grace the stage of Spaulding Auditorium tonight for a performance that will weave together ancient Islamic tradition and modern South Asian culture.