Lauren Rosenbaum


Rosenbaum: Arrested Predicament

The Dartmouth is not The New York Times. Nor is The Harvard Crimson, The Daily Princetonian, the Yale Daily News, The Cornell Daily Sun, The Daily Pennsylvanian, the Columbia Daily Spectator or The Brown Daily Herald.

Rethinking the Drone

Many of us have played war video games at some point in our lives, using controllers to manipulate characters into blowing up our virtual enemies, perhaps accidentally taking out a few pedestrians in the fusillade.

Rosenbaum: Reality Check

What many of us '11s wouldn't give to be wide-eyed freshmen again to believe, as Louis Wheatley suggests, that the euphoria we felt during Dimensions and Dartmouth Outing Club Trips would last throughout our college careers ("The Flair Effect," Apr.

Misinterpreting the Market

My participation in recent "V-Time" events has largely been restricted to staring at promotional posters tacked to bathroom stall doors in the library.

The Futility of Faking

Growing up I never felt pressured by my parents to excel in school or athletics as is the case for many Dartmouth students, my sense of discipline was self-imposed.

Rosenbaum: The Winter Carnival of My Content

Looking back on past winters at Dartmouth, I remember walking outside to be physically painful. People would tell me, "This isn't even cold for Hanover," and I would stare at them in disbelief.

Rosenbaum: What's in a Name?

In his inaugural address, College President Jim Yong Kim urged Dartmouth students to "think big" and to "embrace the world's troubles as your own." With these lofty goals on the horizon, it's time the College looks outside of the Hanover bubble and embraces its growth as a leading university. The first time I noticed the significance of Dartmouth's designation as a "college" rather than a "university" was when I interned for an agricultural research institute in Nairobi.

Corporate Rush

Watching my portfolio-clutching peers rush to interviews in suits and heels, I can't help but think of going through sorority rush two years ago (replace the portfolios with nametags decorated with stickers from CVS). "Who are you interviewing with?" "Where did you get asked back for round two?" "Do you think the Bain interviewer will judge me for wearing this skirt?" "Do you think the girls in (house X) would judge me for wearing these shoes? "I can't believe he got at interview with Goldman and I didn't!

Wrong and "Wrong"

In responding to the two recent columns by Jordan Osserman '11, Intra-Fraternity Council President Tyler Brace '11 wrote, "[Osserman] cannot understand that wearing a uniform or carrying a lunchbox surely a traumatizing and dehumanizing experience for all is actually a mark of honor for pledges who choose to demonstrate their pride in becoming a part of something greater than themselves," ("Right' and Wrong," Nov.