Kyle Teamey


Why Not Eliminate All Student Affiliations?

To the Editor: With the recent announcement that fraternities and sororities are to be made coed or be destroyed in the name of inclusiveness and community, there has come to light a hint of the progression to come that will deliver Dartmouth from its unhappy state of diversity and choice to a shining, golden homogeneity.

A Sunny Day at Dartmouth

"Who can forget her sharp and misty mornings, The clanging bells, the crunch of feet on snow, Her sparkling noons, the crowding into Commons, The long white afternoons, the twilight glow? See!

The Bricks vs. the Green

As a part of the construction of Berry Library, the big elm tree that stood at the northeast corner of Baker was recently cut down.

SPARC's Purpose

This spring, a new energy conservation program called SPARC (Save Power and Reduce Costs) was implemented at Dartmouth.

If It Flies, It Dies

Last Fall, I was square dancing at Moosilauke. Everett had the music thumping, people were in high spirits and it was a good time.

Stop Sending Food

Last winter I was in Kenya on the Environmental Studies FSP. The focus of the term was supposed to be community-based conservation projects.

A Glass Half-Full at Kyoto

Last December, representatives of 160 countries met in Kyoto, Japan to discuss the possibility of global climate change brought about by human activities.

Pulling the Trigger

This past summer, I culminated my ROTC training at Dartmouth by completing Advanced Camp. This is really just a five-week boot camp for college kids where military skills are evaluated.

A Squirrel For All Seasons

Anyone who has ever taken Chem 5 with Professor Kull has come out of the class having learned his theories on nature.