Kendall Milender



Carla Bley and the Coast Jazz Orchestra offer a fresh take on jazz

A wise man once said, “Come for the music, stay for the message.” For those who attended musician Carla Bley’s performance with the Coast Jazz Orchestra, formerly known as the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, last Saturday night in Spaulding Auditorium, this parable rings true. 


UChicago professor speaks at Hood on intersection of art and race

What is contemporary art? For some, it’s Pollocks and Picassos and Poliakoffs. For others, it is the senseless combination of shape and color. For University of Chicago art history professor Darby English, it’s a conversation.  Last Thursday, students, faculty and members of the Hanover community gathered to hear English speak in the Hood Museum of Art’s Gilman Auditorium for the annual Dr. Allen Root Contemporary Art Distinguished Lectureship, a forum established in 2004 that focuses on celebrating and educating the community about modern art through a variety of lenses.

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