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Women of color talk careers in higher education

Last Thursday and Friday, close to 75 women of color convened at Dartmouth to discuss their experiences working at colleges throughout New England, as part of the “African American Women in Higher Education New England” conference.

Young African leaders participate in entrepreneurship program

For the past six weeks, 25 young African business leaders from 17 different countries have been participating in the Young African Leaders Initiative at Dartmouth, training to become entrepreneurs and change-makers in their communities. This is the third year that the College has hosted a cohort of Mandela Washington fellows, bringing the total number of fellows hosted to approximately 75, according to YALI academic director Amy Newcomb. This year, the College hosted fellows from countries including Cameroon, Ethiopia and Niger, which are being represented at the College for the first time since the program began, Newcomb said. Newcomb, who is in charge of coordinating the different aspects of campus that come together to form the cohesive YALI program, said that this year was unique in that the College hosted a larger cohort of fellows in the creative sector. She said the College is involved with the program in Africa as well, helping to implement it on the continent by working with local trainers and YALI alumni in about 14 countries to help the program expand. The program at the College focuses on business and entrepreneurship with classes taught by Thayer School of Engineering professors and Dartmouth alumni.

Courtesy of Dan Grossman

Prouty raises $3 million for cancer research

Thousands of Upper Valley residents and students participated in bicycle rides, runs, walks and sports events as part of the 35th annual Prouty on July 9. The event raised just over $3 million for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Thayer first in the country to graduate more women than men

For the first time since the school was established in 1867, the Thayer School of Engineering graduated more female than male engineers earlier this month, making it the first American research university to achieve such a distinction.

Tate Ramsden ’17 remembered for compassion

Tate Ramsden ’17 always showed up to the pool with a smile on his face, Doug Wharam recalls. His former coach at the Nashville Aquatic Center, Wharam described Ramsden as an amazing and versatile athlete whose kindness and compassion was always present.

President of student assembly Frank Cunningham

Student Assembly structure varies slightly from peers

This article is a part of our new culminating beat experience initiative, in which our beat reporters write longer-term investigative articles within their areas of expertise. The author is our Student Assembly beat reporter.

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